Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

The MC Group aims to deliver sustainable growth by adapting to changes in the business environment and fulfilling societal needs in due consideration of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve this aim, the MC Group shall rely on three core strengths, namely its collective capabilities to adopt a holistic view of industry, its foresight to identify new seeds of growth, and its execution skills to germinate them.Simultaneously generating economic value, environmental value and societal value through our businessesSocietalValueview across numerousindustriesIntegrity and FairnessGlobal Understanding Through BusinessMCGroupEconomicValueCollectiveCapabilitiesto adopt a holisticThe ThreeCorporate PrinciplesCorporate Responsibility to SocietyForesightto identify new seeds of growthto achieve growthExecutionSkillsEnvironmentalValue■The Three Corporate Principles serve as the MC Group's core philosophy and underpin its commitment to fair, responsible and global business practices.■By pooling its collective capabilities, the MC Group strives to fulfill societal needs and meet stakeholder expectations by simultaneously generating economic, societal and environmental value.■The MC Group will continue to strengthen its ability to adapt to our ever-evolving world, including anticipating and responding to geopolitical, economic and social changes, as well as to the digital transformation of industries (DX).■The MC Group includes approximately 1,700 enterprises, and as the MC Group works to raise their consolidated earnings, it remains equally committed to growing their individual corporate value, while simultaneously generating three types of value.■By leveraging the diverse expertise found throughout its network of group companies and more than 130 Business Units, MC shall continue to innovate and develop new business opportunities.■MC shall optimize its portfolio by dynamically allocating management resources based on its level of engagement in each business. Sizeable growth investments are companywide commitments to develop next-generation earnings drivers.■The MC Group is dedicated to developing the highest quality management professionals: ethically grounded leaders with the foresight to identify new seeds of growth and the execution skills to germinate them.■Regardless of how our world evolves, there will always be opportunities to deliver goods and services that meet societal needs and improve our quality of life. This recognition is the very foundation of MC's consolidated growth strategy.Mission & Corporate PhilosophyAdaptabilityConsolidated Growth Strategy7The MC Group Will Deliver Sustainable Growth by Fulfilling Societal NeedsMC Group Corporate Vision

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