Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

8i・Portfolio-Based Decision Making・Strategy Creation Through Multi-Dimensional Portfolio Analyses・Strong US & China economies, solid Japan-West relations and growth in emerging economies countered by constant market volatility.・Stimulating triple-value growth* by actively engaging in the management of MC’s business investments.・Value‐Added Cyclical Growth Model & Improved ROE・Enhancement of New Business Concepts & Digital Strategies・FY2021 Financial Targets: 900 Billion Yen・Financial Discipline and Extension of Progressive Dividend SchemeUpstreamMdstreamDownstream*Simultaneously generating economic value, societal value and environmental valueOur new Midterm Corporate Strategy aims to realize triple-value growth* through MC’s business-management model.It will make MC more adaptable to changing geopolitical dynamics, the transition to a digital age and other rapid developments.The strategy’s four sections are outlined on the right.By strengthening our operations in the Services Sector and downstream businesses, we will endeavor to stimulate more growth in what is currently a highly stable business portfolio.Business PortfolioGrowth MechanismsHR System ReformsFinancial Targets & Capital PolicyFood Raw MaterialsMeat, Fish &VegetablesGrains &Daily NecessitiesProcessing &ManufacturingHealthcareRetailUrban DevelopmentLiving・Continuous Development of Highly Skilled Management Professionals・Redesigned Evaluation and Compensation Systems to Ensure Reciprocal Growth Between Company and EmployeesMineral ResourcesMotor VehiclesMachinery &EquipmentPower GenerationPetrochemicalsSteelMobility ServicesPower GenerationMobility &InfrastructurePower GenerationNatural GasCommunicationsLNGDistributedInternet ServicesInvestment Balance (as of end of FY2017)(IT, Logistics, Finance, etc.)Energy &External Environment・Changing geopolitical dynamics due to the “America-First” agenda in the US, China’s “One‐Belt, One-Road” policy, and other factors.Internal Challenges・Building our envisioned portfolio - one that is adaptable to changes in our operating environment.Data AssetsLogisticsLeasingE-CommerceServices (Announced in November 2018)・Growing influence of platform companies and digitization on business models.・Developing highly skilled management professionals.SectorsOutline of Midterm Corporate Strategy 2021Portfolio Strategies Aimed at Stimulating Further GrowthMidterm Corporate Strategy 2021Achieving Growth Through Business Management Model

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