Corporate Brochure 2021 (Revised Edition)

Busness Valuei9We will identify Potential Growth Sources and nurture them into Growth Drivers and Core Businesses by enhancing their value. In this new cyclical growth model, even Core Businesses will be replaced with new Growth Driver Candidates if MC can no longer add value to them. This will have the added benefit of improving MC’s ROE.To enhance our business creation capabilities and realize our envisioned portfolio, MC was been restructured into 10 Business Groups as of April 2019.The Corporate Staff Section has also been rearranged to focus on the main themes of Midterm Corporate Strategy 2021, namely our business portfolio, HR development and digital strategies*1.*1) Organizational framework as of April 1, 2021*2) Other Committees reporting to Executive Committee: Business Strategy Committee, Management Strategy Meeting, Sustainability & CSR Committee, Compliance Committee, Disclosure Committee*3) Chief Digital Officer*4)Companywide task forces were established on April 1, 2020, in an aim to realize Digital Transformation (DX) in various business fields such as the food industry. These task forces are expected to work across multiple Business Groups and departments, and therefore shall be headed by the most relevant Business Group CEO and supported by staff sourced from the companywide pool of talent (a new project office was also established within the Corporate Strategy & Planning Department to help manage these task forces).Our new growth model will enhance business value through this divestment-to-reinvestment cycleInvest in businesses where MC can generate added value. Build both Potential Growth Sources and Growth Drivers simultaneously.What makes MC capable of enhancing business value?→Collective Capabilities:To enable a holistic view of industry→Conception Skills:To identify Potential Growth Sources in the restructuring of industries, M&As, etc.→Execution Skills:To grow corporate value by actively managing the businessesPresident&CEOExecutiveCommitteeInternalAuditDept.CorporateStrategy&PlanningDept.Corporate Strategy & Planning OfficeBusiness Creation OfficeDX Project Office*4Committeesrelevant toMidterm CorporateStrategy2021*2■InvestmentCommittee■Human Resources Development Committee■Digital Strategy Committee(Secretariat:DigitalStrategyDept.)Industrial DX Task Force*4(Secretariat:Business Investment ManagementDept.)(Secretariat:GlobalHuman ResourcesDept.)Potential Growth Sources Growth Drivers Core BusinessesPotential Growth Potential Growth SourcesSourcesTimeCorporate Staff Section(Position)BusinessInvestment Management Dept.CorporateAccounting Dept.FinanceDept.Structured Finance,M&A AdvisoryDept.InvestorRelations Dept.Digital Strategy Dept.ITServiceDept.GlobalHuman ResourcesDept.Corporate AdministrationDept.Legal Dept.CorporateCommunicationsDept.CorporateSustainability& CSRDept.Global StrategyandRegional ManagementDept.RegionalMarketDevelopment Dept.Global Risk &Insurance Management Dept.Growth trajectory of operating companiesImproved ROEGenerate sufficient returns as capital gains by enhancing value of businesses.→Improve capital efficiency from all investments, including large scale M&As.Traditional Investment Model(Green Field)Business GroupsCost of CapitalCost of CapitalReturns(equity-method earnings÷investment amount)Returns(equity-method earnings÷investment amount)InvestGrowthDriversGrowth Driver CandidatesEnhanceBusinessValueReplace all businesses (including Core Businesses) where MC can no longer add value with new Growth Driver Candidates.Core BusinessesCFOCDO*3CAOCorporate Communications,Sustainability, CSRRegional StrategyNatural GasIndustrial Materials Petroleum & Chemicals SolutionMineral ResourcesIndustrial InfrastructureAutomotive & MobilityFood IndustryConsumer IndustryPower SolutionUrban DevelopmentValue - added Cyclical Growth Model & Improved ROEReorganizations

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