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Mitsubishi Corporation has Offices & Subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide

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  • North America
  • Latin America & the Caribbean
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  • Japan (Head Office)
  • North America
  • Latin America &
    the Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • East Asia
  • Asia & Oceania

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Diversity Management

Diversity Management
- A Flexible and Powerful Organization Capable of Adapting to Changing Business Environments -

The MC Group's global workforce comprises professionals of many nationalities, cultures, lifestyles, and values.

As MC Group's businesses become increasingly global and diverse, MC recognizes that diversity management is important in building a strong organization with the flexibility to adapt to changing business environments and is the key ingredient for creating sustainable corporate value.

In sharing the spirit of its guiding philosophy, the Three Corporate Principles, the MC Group aims:

  • To recruit and apply its broad professional expertise without discrimination.
  • To reap the benefits of workforce diversity by embracing and applying different perspectives and ideas to its management practices, business creations, and regional developments.
  • To improve organizational performance by ensuring an inclusive professional work environment

【Specific Initiatives】

  • Reviewing work styles with an emphasis on work-life-balance.
  • Supporting employees with child care, family care, and other family responsibilities.
  • Engaging expertise of employees regardless of nationalities.
  • Supporting women's careers.
  • Engaging expertise of senior employees.
  • Engaging expertise of employees with impairments.
  • Building a corporate culture that embraces diversity.
  • Global Engagement
  • Supporting Women's Careers
  • Engaging Senior Workforce
  • Employment of Persons with Impairments

Building a Supportive Work Environment

MC has been improving its internal systems so that employees can better balance child care, family care, and other personal responsibilities with their careers. To create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that understands and encourages the active use of these systems and policies, MC will further focus on building a corporate culture that embraces diverse work styles.

Child Care Support

MC understands the vital role that businesses play in providing support to raise future generations. Recognizing that its workforce includes both expecting parents and parents of young children, MC has a variety of companywide systems to support working mothers and fathers, which are constantly being reviewed and improved.

Maternity and Child Care Systems

Family Care Support

This system allows employees who have family members with special needs to balance their responsibilities at home and at work. MC has made improvements to better meet the needs of each employee, such as extending the staggered work hours and flex-time system from a period of one year to as long as the care is necessary. A separate family care counseling service has been established to allow employees and their family members to quickly receive advice on a wide range of care-related issues.

Family Care Support Systems
Features Period / Summary
Family Care Leave 1 year per person in need of family care
Staggered Work Hours / Flex-time Until there is no longer any reason to provide family care
Exemptions from or Restrictions on Overtime Hours Employees attending to family care have limited overtime hours of no more than 24 hours per month (150 hours per year)
Paid Family Care Leave 10 days per fiscal year
Family Care Support Desk Handles all family care related inquiries
Half-Day Paid Leave No restrictions apply in talking annual paid leave in half-day segments for family care, provided it is within the annually allotted number of paid leave days