Mitsubishi Corporation



Convenience Store Business LAWSON, Inc.

Convenience Store Evolution Driven by Community and Customer Needs

Always in tune with customers, Lawson is committed to “Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities” with its 15,000 stores. Lawson will continue to innovate with its product lineup by utilizing big data consumer analytics and unveiling new strategies, including entertainment to increase fun and convenience, e-commerce initiatives, financial services and improved efficiency through digital technology.

Retail Business

The Japanese consumer market is faced with a number of challenges, including a declining birth rate, aging population, and changes in consumer trends influenced by diversifying values and advances in IT. MC has addressed these challenges by partnering with leading companies in the convenience-store and supermarket businesses, and by offering point-based loyalty programs, payment services and various marketing solutions. MC is also exploring new businesses utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies, in order to deliver good life to consumers to increase the quality of their lives.