Mitsubishi Corporation

Onahama Petroleum Co., Ltd.

The oil terminal of Onahama Petroleum Co., Ltd. is located in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, at the hub of a distribution network that covers from Chubu and Kanto districts to Tohoku and Hokkaido in Japan. With an area of about 990,000 square meters, this oil terminal can store a large quantity or various kinds of petroleum products and can satisfy any needs of our customers.

This terminal has oil tanks with total capacity of approximately 1,600,000 kiloliters, and can store all types of petroleum; crude oil, gasoline, middle distillate oil, fuel oil and asphalt. It has several kinds of loading facilities, and various types of piers that can receive cargoes from tankers as large as 100,000-ton to coastal vessels as small as 1,000-ton. As one of the largest oil distribution centers, the facility also stores Japanese national oil reserves, and transports crude oil and fuel oil for electric power companies, and supplies gasoline and other fuels to local customers, thus contributes to a stable energy supply.

With its superior facilities, highly trained staffs, and vast area, the company is in good position to take on new projects, and is making efforts to pursue ways to expand business. (Japanese)