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Ipanema Coffees

Ipanema Coffees

Coffee Plantation Ipanema Coffees

One of the World's Largest Coffee Plantations

Ipanema Plantation produces up to approximately 9,200 tons of premium coffee per year (equivalent to 1 billion cups of coffee), and has been certified in the US and Europe for its good social and environmental practices. Having acquired a stake in 2012, MC is working to further mechanize and streamline growing and harvesting operations in order to ensure environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming, and a stable supply of good quality coffee.

Food Materials Business

In tandem with economic development in developing countries, global demand is increasing for coffee, cocoa, nuts, and other confectionary and beverage ingredients as well as staples like wheat, rice, meat, and seafood. Along with expanding its supply network to meet rising consumer demand for sustainable food products, MC continues to manufacture and sell products that meet consumer needs. In 2015, MC concluded a business agreement with Olam, a major global agri-business firm that has strengths handling sustainable food raw materials.