Mitsubishi Corporation

Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group

The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group develop operations in various fields leverages our real knowledge and financial expertise to enhance business models in the four fields of real estate, leasing, corporate investment and logistics, in which we bring to bear our competitive advantages.

With financial expertise the Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group develop operations in various fields such as real estate development, real estate investment funds, leasing, private equity investment funds, infrastructure funds and logistics.


The wealth of knowledge and managerial competence gained through experience and the networks of a global integrated business enterprise, The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group is leveraging its asset management functions to build the optimal portfolio for maximizing corporate value.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

Asset Finance & Investment Division

  • Private equity investment and management business
  • Asset management business for other real assets through its subsidiaries
  • General leasing business in Japan and overseas
  • Specific leasing business including auto leasing
  • Airline-related business including aircraft and engine leasing
MC Aviation Partners is developing a comprehensive aircraft leasing business, and has offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dublin. (CG image)

Real Estate Business Division

  • Asset management for real estate investment funds and related finance business
  • Commercial real estate development
  • Large-scale urban real estate development
  • Construction Management
  • Infrastructure investment business
This student housing in the U.S. was developed by Diamond Realty Investments, Inc.

Logistics Business Division

  • International intermodal freight transport
  • Bulk carrier ownership and operations
  • Solutions business for the logistics sector
Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.'s Keihin Operations Dept in Yokohama.

Business Investments