Mitsubishi Corporation

Living Essentials Group

The Living Essentials Group offers daily necessities related to food, clothing and housing to consumers.

The Living Essentials Group offers diverse range of products and services to consumers in a sustainable manner in various fields of business from raw materials procurement to distribution and retail.

We place emphasis on generating not just economic value, but also environmental and social value in line with its strategy to achieve sustainable corporate value.


The Living Essentials Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by fulfilling consumers' daily lives around the world. As part of our mission we have committed to undertake a diverse range of businesses by expanding our global supply network and developing vertically integrated business model outside Japan.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

Retail Division

  • Sale of food, clothing, furniture and interior furnishings, daily goods and other products
  • Development and distribution of various consumer sales materials and services
  • Marketing business, coalition loyalty program and payment settlement-related service businesses

Living Essential Distribution Division

  • Distribution and logistics of various products and services including processed foods, frozen and chilled foods, confectionery, liquor, paper products, packaging materials
  • Various healthcare related businesses such as outsourcing services for hospitals, import and sale of medical equipment, and nursing care equipment rental

Living Essential Consumer Products Division

  • Consumer necessities such as processed foods, confectionery, beverages, canned goods, instant noodles, seasonings, milled flour, sugar, starches, starched products, tires, and other daily necessities

Business Investments