Mitsubishi Corporation

Living Essentials Group : Living Essential Resources Division

The Living Essential Resources Division is engaged in the production, procurement, manufacturing, processing, and sales of raw materials related to grain, feed, food and beverage raw materials, and housing and construction materials.

The Living Essential Resources Division carries out the upstream sourcing of resources, in the grain, feed, food and beverage raw materials, and housing and construction materials fields, in the supply chain for the supply of daily necessities to consumers related to food and housing. It is advancing the globalization of supply, putting effort into the reliable supply of raw materials that are competitive while being sustainable and traceable.


The Living Essential Resources Division is working in Japan and overseas to create a business structure that can achieve reliable procurement and supply of raw materials regardless of the business environment, by sensitively responding to changes in market environments and industry structures and aspiring to constant change.

Moreover, it aims to provide products, services and functions that meet increasingly sophisticated and diversified consumer needs by creating a global supply chain that unites upstream sourcing of resources and midstream/downstream manufacturing and sales.

Main Products and Services

Corn, milo, wheat, barley, soybean, canola, livestock and fish feed ingredients, coffee, cocoa, confectionary ingredients, sesame seed, fruit juices, raw tea products, edible nuts, spices, dried vegetables, oil & fats, oil and fat products, lumber, housing materials and equipment, cement, ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, silica sand, kaolin, etc.

Organizational Structure

  • Olam Strategic Alliance Dept.
  • Food Materials and Oils/Fats Dept.
  • Grain, Oilseeds, and Feed Materials Dept.
  • Housing & Construction Materials Dept.