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Machinery Group:Isuzu Business Division

In the Isuzu Business Division, we are closely tied with markets around the world particularly in Thailand. We sell, provide services to, and export Isuzu motor vehicles that are essential for a wide range of industries and people's lives.

In the Isuzu Business Division, we operate in markets around the world, particularly our largest market Thailand. In those markets, we conduct business operations including sales, automobile finance, services, exporting that are essential for a wide range of industries and people's lives. These businesses also provide one of MC's revenue bases in non-resource fields.

In particular, we conduct business operations in countries and regions such as Asia (mainly ASEAN), Europe, Mexico and Australia, export pickup trucks from Thailand to more than 100 countries around the world as well as trucks from Japan to countries and regions such as ASEAN, Middle East and Mexico.


While pursuing a high level of customer satisfaction, we will work to expand our business activities such as sales, automobile finance and services, particularly in the markets of emerging countries. Not only will we strive to closely connect with the local markets and gain in-depth knowledge of customer needs, but we will also offer products in tune with global trends regarding the energy supply-demand balance and the environment by expanding our sales of Isuzu motor vehicles that have environmentally friendly attributes such as low fuel consumption. In this way we will contribute to the realization of society that enables sustainable development.

In addition, working together with Isuzu Motors, we will proactively meet the challenge of new markets and business formats to further grow and improve our corporate value.

Main Products

Motor vehicles (built-up vehicles, assembly parts, spare parts)

Organizational Structure

  • Isuzu ASEAN Dept.
  • Isuzu Europe, Middle East, Americas & Oceania Dept.
  • Isuzu Asia Dept.