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Power Trading Business ElectroRoute

Participation in power trading business in Europe

ElectroRoute engages in spot, futures, international, and other forms of energy trading in the mature European energy market. The company functions as a comprehensive service provider, offering energy-trade support to power producers, consumers and retailers, expanding its activities also in Japan where power market deregulation progresses.

Power Trading Business

We expect that the need for a supply and demand adjustment function for electricity will increase due to the introduction of renewable energy, and the increase of unstable power sources that are affected by the weather and other factors.
In the power trading business, we will provide a power trading function and a supply and demand adjustment function to power producers, retail customers and end customers in order to provide stable electricity to end customers, and provide a price fluctuation risk hedging service by carrying out trading related to electricity and other energy commodities in countries and regions where electricity prices fluctuate due to adjustments in the electricity market.