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Norther offshore wind farm

Norther offshore wind farm

Offshore wind power generation business Norther offshore wind farm

Entry into one of the largest new offshore wind power generation businesses in Belgium

Mitsubishi Corporation invested in the Norther offshore wind project in Belgium through Eneco, a Dutch integrated energy company, which is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Our partner is Nethys, a Belgian energy and telecommunications company. The Norther offshore wind farm is located in the North Sea region around 23km off the coast of Belgium (approx. 20m deep), and commenced operation in 2019. With a total project cost of approximately 150 billion yen and total power generation capacity of around 370,000 kW, it is one of the largest such energy producers in Belgium and capable of meeting the needs of 400,000 households.

  • About 23 km off the coast of Belgium (about 20m deep)

Offshore wind power generation business

Due to the falling costs of construction accompanying the scaling up the turbines, which has been realized by technology improvement, the offshore wind power generation business is expected to be one of the most promising renewable energy businesses.
Countries around the world including Europe and Japan have begun to introduce this technology.