Mitsubishi Corporation

Osaka Connected Campus (KIX Campus), Japan

Osaka Connected Campus (KIX Campus), Japan

Data Center Operation Business Osaka Connected Campus (KIX Campus), Japan

Providing digital infrastructure to support the society’s digital transformation.

Planning to develop leading high-capacity data center campuses in Japan, particularly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai area where demand for such data centers is expected to increase. Within the Osaka Connected Campus in Kansai, the Osaka 1 Data Center opened in 2017 and the service was launched at the second data center, Osaka 2 Data Center, in July 2019.

Data Center Operation Business

Widespread use of AI/IoT in various industries has triggered an explosive increase in the amount of data being processed. Amid these trends, Mitsubishi Corporation established MC Digital Realty in 2017, a joint venture to deliver data center solutions in Japan, with Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center, colocation and interconnection solutions.

By combining Digital Realty’s global client base, industry-leading design and construction capability, and high-capacity data center operational experience and Mitsubishi Corporation’s significant expertise in the Japanese real estate and IT markets, MC Digital Realty provides carrier-neutral, high-capacity data centers that meet the needs of major cloud service providers and other data center users, and aims to become a market leader in this industry.