Mitsubishi Corporation

MC's Relief and Recovery Support

MC has conducted relief and recovery support activities immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tailored its support to the conditions in the disaster-hit regions since then. In the spring of 2012, MC established the Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation. In addition to providing scholarships and support recovery grants, the foundation is conducting support activities with the aim of helping with industry revival and job creation.

MC and the Foundation will continue to conduct recovery support activities, quickly and accurately addressing the various needs of the disaster-hit areas.

Industry Revival and Job Creation Support

Through the Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation, MC has been cooperating with local financial institutions to roll out "Industry Revival and Job Creation Support." So far, MC has participated in a total of 51 of such projects since fiscal 2012.

Provision of Scholarships

MC provides support for students who struggle with schooling as a result of disaster. Up until fiscal 2016, MC has provided scholarships to about 4,730 students.

Support Recovery Grants

MC provides support to NPOs and social welfare corporations that provide recovery support in the affected regions. Until now, MC has provided support for 425 projects.

Volunteer Activities

Reflecting the general sentiment of employees wishing "help out with recovery in affected regions," MC has been continuing the employee volunteer activities since soon after the disaster occurred. Up until fiscal 2016, roughly 4,500 employees from the Mitsubishi Corporation Group have participated in these activities.

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