Mitsubishi Corporation

The CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee

MC provides an overview of its corporate sustainability initiatives to the committee members who represent a variety of different stakeholder groups, and receives their advice and proposals for improving stakeholder communication. Moreover, the Company holds tours of business sites for committee members in order to deepen their understanding of the company's businesses. At the CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee meeting held in May 2017, the Company received feedback about its initiatives and disclosure related to various fields including MC's Key Sustainability Issues, climate change and supply chain management.

Members of the CSR & Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee

  • Eiichiro Adachi Counselor,
    The Japan Research Institute, Limited
  • Keiko Katsu Freelance newscaster
  • Takejiro Sueyoshi Special Advisor to the UNEP Finance
    Initiatives in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Yasushi Hibi Director of Japan Program,
    Conservation International
  • Mizue Unno Managing Director,
    So-Tech Consulting, Inc.
  • Hiroshi Kito President, University of Shizuoka
  • Toru Nakashizuka Specially Appointed Professor, Research
    Institute for Humanity and Nature
  • James E. Brumm Former Executive Adviser,
    Mitsubishi International Corporation
  • Takeshi Okada Representative Director,
    Imabari Yume-Sports
  • Kaori Kuroda Executive Director, CSO Network Japan
  • Peter D. Pedersen Co-founder, E-Square Inc.

On-site Observation Tour

In autumn of 2016, MC held an on-site tour of a tuna farming business operated by an MC Group company in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture. The committee members were shown the company's state-of-the-art initiatives that are helping to maintain wild fish stocks, and gained an understanding of the important role that this business plays in supplying a stable source of protein for a growing global population.