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Food Industry & Consumer Industry Department

The Food Industry & Consumer Industry Department is made up of the Foods, Retail, General Merchandise and textile sections.

The Department is focusing on the goods and services related with human life and is supplying full range of consumers' products & related services, in responding to the changing demands of today's market.

The Department includes the distribution of raw materials, products and development of new business such as:

  • Cocoa, Dairy products and various Food Commodities
  • Processed Food and various Food Products
  • Retail, Restaurant, Healthcare business
  • Tyre, Paper (Thermal, Coated, Uncoated Wood-free, Inkjet, HP Indigo, etc.), Photographic & Printing Materials, Packaging Materials, Talc, Kaolin, Plywood, Timber Products, etc.
  • Global Consumer Business Development in emerging markets
For more information, please contact:

Food Industry & Consumer Industry Department

Tel: (65) 6338-1100

Fax: (65) 6338-8361