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Food Industry & Consumer Industry Department

The Food Industry and Consumer Industry Department is representing Food Industry Group and Consumer Industry Group of Mitsubishi Corporation headquartered in Japan.

Food Industry Group

The Food Industry Group is engaged in businesses that deliver food related products to consumers all over the world. Our operations cover food resources, fresh foods, consumer products, food ingredients and other products. We are active in every link of the supply chain, from the production and sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished food products.

Consumer Industry Group

The Consumer Industry Group continues to address major challenges faced by consumers in the retail, apparel, healthcare, food distribution and logistics, tire industries, consumer marketing, and paper and packaging. Furthermore, by integrating real and digital business models, we are aiming to build retail and distribution platforms that offer the utmost value to consumers.

Main Products and Services:

  • Corn, milo, wheat, barley, soybean, rapeseed, compound feed materials, coffee, cocoa, confectionary ingredients, sesame seed, edible nuts, spices, dried vegetables, oils and fats
  • Baby diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, adult incontinence products, and paper products
  • Instant noodles, frozen foods, and other processed foods
  • Tires
  • Medical equipment, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and solutions for medical institutions
  • Comprehensive logistics services, and new business development
For more information, please contact:

Food Industry & Consumer Industry Department

Tel: (65) 6338-1100

Fax: (65) 6338-8361