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What is Sogoshosha?

Who are Mitsubishi Company (Thailand) Ltd. and Thai-MC Company Limited?

Widely translated as general trading company, "Sogoshosha", whose business is not limited to import and export of commodities, equipments, foods and consumer products. Its unique business functions were originally generated from Japanese culture and developed along with the changing of Japanese social and economic development, but even now its functions have been steadily changing under the era of globalization and information technology in order to comply with customers' complicated and diversified needs timely.

They cover various activities such as trading and marketing, project planning and organizing, financing, investing, consulting, and servicing such as on information technology and logistics. Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), the leading Sogoshosha, would continue to be a total solution provider who understands the customers' various needs, provides the best solution to them and becomes their partner for success.