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Global Environmental & Infrastructure Group

The Global Environmental & Infrastructure Group is engaged in trade and related business operations in power systems, energy storage, renewable generation, equipment and plants for the oil and gas sector, as well as other infrastructure projects.

We also provide equipment and plants with financing in the power, oil and gas, steel, water, and transportation system industries.


Mitsubishi International Corporation has been selling Shibaura Thermistors for over 20 years. Thermistors are used extensively in various products ranging from office automation equipment and air conditioners to other home appliances as well as for temperature compensation for quartz oscillators, mobile phones, and transceivers. The thermistors can be applied to temperature measurements and controls ranging from -50°C (-58°F) to 500°C (932°F).

Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. is the leading producer and supplier of thermistors in Japan. Shibaura thermistors are glass-sealed and referred to as PSB-type (Pellet Shaped Bead). They have received patents in eight countries: Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

For further information about thermistors, please contact the Houston Branch of Mitsubishi International Corporation at 713-652-9289.

For information about the Global Environmental and Infrastructure Business Group's other business areas in North America, please visit our parent company's website, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas). For information about our global business, please visit Mitsubishi Corporation's website.