Machinery, Infrastructure & Power Division

The Machinery, Infrastructure & Power Division of Mitsubishi International GmbH is engaged in a wide range of machinery and component transactions entailing various types of project development and total coordination through sales of respective equipment and machinery, covering many industrial fields.

Supplying answers is the key to MAC Division's success. Industrial projects are organized, coordinated, and provided with capital, equipment and related financing. In addition, the demand for new developments is followed up, especially if this leads to the opening up of new markets.

New technologies are also a main theme with the professionals of MAC Division. Activities center around initiating, identifying and developing innovative processes on a commercial scale by means of financial support and investment into production facilities.

Another focus is on industrial electronic components, the sales of which the IEC-IMD department of MAC division is involved in, such as fiber optic products, LC displays, oscillators, and other related electronic products. For detailed information please visit the IECWebsite at Open in new window

Supported by Mitsubishi Corporation's worldwide network and expertise MAC Division puts its know-how to work to produce rewarding results for its customers.


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