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Mitsubishi France S.A.S. is a wholly-owned French subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, a general trading company of Japan. Mitsubishi France S.A.S. has business divisions for various fields. Within the respective operational domains, the company covers a wide range of industrial products. The company procures the products that customers require and helps to establish new export sales routes for its customers' products. Mitsubishi France S.A.S is involved in capital investment and forming strategic partnerships in France, Japan and other countries.

Business Depts

  • Energy
  • Power Systems
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Foods
  • Textile
  • General Merchandise


Tel: (+33) 1 40 54 48 48
e-mail: ml.contact_france@mitsubishicorp.com


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation