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The Chemicals Group is active in three business segments: Commodity Chemicals such as petrochemicals, industrial salts and fertilizers; Functional Chemicals, including plastics and functional products such as urethane, synthetic rubber and coating raw materials; and Life Sciences, which covers our food science, pharmaceutical and agrochemical businesses.

Principal markets cover numerous industries, including petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, energy, automobiles, construction, paint and adhesives, electrical products and electronics, semi-conductors, communications equipment, textiles, apparel, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, agriculture and livestock, food and foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, and distribution. By offering a wide array of products and services in so many industries, we are helping people to enjoy a better quality of life.

Many consumer-related fields such as clothing, food and housing are associated with the chemicals industry. Our business group leverages the unique attributes of this industry and provides the most pertinent and up-todate information to MC and our consumers. In doing so, we continue to add new links to our global value chain.


In the Commodity Chemicals Division A and B, we will look to strengthen our trading and logistics capabilities further on the basis of business investments, chiefly upstream investments in resources and raw materials where our competitive strength lies.

In the Functional Chemicals Division, we are building and strengthening the global value chain from upstream to downstream, and promoting a market-oriented regional strategy in fast-growing overseas markets, and a one-stop supply platform strategy to strengthen our assortment of commodities for industries in demand of these products.

In the Life Sciences Division, we are developing new industries of food chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, and fine chemicals, and new business related to biotechnology.

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Chemicals Group Value Chain and Subsidiaries & Affiliates

SHARQ's production capacity is among the largest in the world for a single plant, with capacities of 1,400,000 tons per year for ethylene glycol and 1,550,000 tons per year for polyethylene.
Petronas Chemicals Aromatics Sdn. Bhd. is a joint venture between Japanese and Malaysian companies that is capable of producing 540,000 tons of paraxylene and 200,000 tons of benzene per year.
Chuo Kagaku Co., Ltd. is the only Japanese plastic food packaging and container manufacturer to has five manufacturing bases in China, and is expanding business in the country from these sites.
One of Japan's leading food science companies, MC Food Specialties Inc., provides high-quality seasonings and food ingredients.

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