Mitsubishi Corporation

  • Sustainability - Addressing Climate Change - As a company with many business investees, MC views the strengthening of our carbon management on a global and consolidated basis to be an important management issue. In recognition of our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, we are taking the initiative by promoting renewable energy and other carbon efficiency measures. This photovoltaic power plant in Kumamoto is the first mega solar project MC has built and is operating in Japan.
  • Sustainability - Conservation of the global environment - Working for the sake of the abundant nature and the many living creatures on this planet to ensure their survival into the future, MC is striving to conserve and improve the global environment through our many-faceted business activities. Forest Conservation Project "Mitsubishi Corporation Thousand Year Forest"
  • Sustainability - International Contribution Activities - MC is committed to developing hand in hand with local and international communities. As a global integrated business enterprise, MC approaches its activities from a medium- to long-term perspective, endeavoring to stay attuned to evolving circumstances in the countries and regions where it operates, while also seeking out opportunities to address specific local needs. The MCFEA

    Creating Value Through CSR

    Global sustainability issues have significantly evolved over the years and continue to change today.

    MC recognizes the importance of staying attuned to changes within the global environment and society, and we aim to generate societal and environmental value by addressing key sustainability issues through our business activities which span numerous industrial sectors.