Mitsubishi Corporation

Message from President and CEO

Dear Friends and Stakeholders,

As the final year under New Strategic Direction, our current midterm management plan, 2015 holds particular significance for Mitsubishi Corporation - it marks the completion of our latest strategic cycle. Looking further afield, it is clear that the global economy will continue to face a number of challenges in 2015, including falling resource prices and the real possibility that slowing emerging economies will not be able to continue serving as engines of growth. Meanwhile, in Japan, how we deal with the unprecedented triple effect of low oil prices, a weak yen and zero interest rates is also a concern.

In the face of such conditions, the most practical approach is to take on each challenge step by step, starting where we can actually make progress. In that sense, we will be looking to build upon the core capacities and strengths of the MC Group as we strive to ensure the flexible but effective implementation of our strategies towards achieving our circa 2020 objectives.

In the true spirit of the MC Group, however, we remain cognizant that as we develop our business, we also have a responsibility to make impactful contributions to society. Regional revitalization will constitute a key element of that responsibility going forward. Since the establishment of the Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation nearly four years ago, we have provided support for the revitalization of over 40 local enterprises in the Tohoku region, a contribution which is now beginning to bear fruit. The Japanese government emphasizes regional revitalization as part of its growth strategy and, drawing on our experience to date, we intend to proactively engage in initiatives that stimulate regional revitalization, including support for projects aimed at generating further employment.

As we press on with our efforts to achieve sustainable growth, the MC Group is resolutely committed to ensuring that our activities reflect the guiding philosophy encapsulated in our "Three Corporate Principles" - that is, to create sustainable corporate value by helping to solve global problems through business.

January 2015

Ken Kobayashi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mitsubishi Corporation