Mitsubishi Corporation

Message from President and CEO

Dear Friends and Stakeholders,

I am pleased and honored to announce that as of April 1, I have assumed my duties as President and CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Our company's operating environment is changing more and more drastically with each passing year. Contributing factors include economic slowdowns in China and emerging markets, as well as growing geopolitical risks caused by confusion in the Middle East and the escalating threat of terrorism.

Although Mitsubishi Corporation started out as a trading company, it has since expanded that base and reinvented many of its functions and services. Today our company boasts a new and unique business model.

Over its more than 60-year history, Mitsubishi Corporation has consistently produced talent capable of understanding customer expectations, assessing societal and environmental changes, and reshaping its operations. These professionals continue to leverage comprehensive expertise and worldwide networks to pursue businesses in a myriad of industries. Indeed, it is what they bring to Mitsubishi Corporation that comprise the company's most valuable assets, and strengths, as a global integrated business enterprise.

While our top management has changed, our goals have not. Mitsubishi Corporation shall continue to leverage its unique capabilities to create added value and to build a group-company network that contributes to the betterment of societies around the world. I look forward to building even stronger relationships with all of our friends and stakeholders in the years ahead.

April 2016
Takehiko Kakiuchi
President and Chief Executive Officer