Mitsubishi Corporation

Message from President and CEO

Dear Friends and Stakeholders,

On July 1, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our company's historic re-merger, which integrated companies spun off from the old Mitsubishi Shoji following its dissolution.

Over the last six decades the world has evolved at a dizzying pace, but our company has continued to reshape its businesses and grow in step with society. A number of developments in recent years has reminded us of the speed and scope of global change, such as escalating geopolitical risks, and the restructuring of industry brought about by the shale gas revolution.

But as the world continues to evolve, MC remains committed to its guiding philosophy, the "Three Corporate Principles." Our goal as a company is sustainable corporate growth, but the chief aim of our business activities is to help solve problems and contribute to sustainable societal growth, both in Japan and around the world.

New Strategic Direction sets out our long-term vision of doubling our business circa 2020. We will continue to steadily execute our business and market strategies under that vision, while maintaining our efforts to create sustainable corporate value, and aiming to better our company hand-in-hand with society and the natural environment.

This landmark year is the start of a new era for MC and a quest for further growth. All of our employees will be working together to leverage our progress into the sustainable development of global societies and MC Group operations.

July 2014

Ken Kobayashi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mitsubishi Corporation