Mitsubishi Corporation

Message from President and CEO

I am Takehiko Kakiuchi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Mitsubishi Corporation has established its new "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2018 - Evolving Our Business Model from Investing to Managing" to guide us during the three years beginning with fiscal year 2016.

During the more than 60 years since Mitsubishi Corporation was founded, we have altered the company's structure in response to the changes taking place in the world at large. Nowadays, in addition to the extremely complex socioeconomic circumstances we face, innovations in such areas as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are leading to a fourth Industrial Revolution. We must again adapt appropriately to these new challenges.

We will be imaginative in constructing a new business model, taking the initiative in creating business value that contributes to society. To be responsive to change and achieve further corporate development, we need to be a company that provides the environment and culture that fosters talented human resources with strong management capabilities.

Throughout our numerous businesses, we will cultivate personnel who have a strong sense of ethics, are responsive to change, and have the execution skills to surmount problems. These human resources will drive the business innovation that enables us to further develop as a company. We aim to move forward as a company where the growth of our people is inextricably linked with corporate development.

Achieving these objectives requires business investment. In addition, we will proactively pursue management in these businesses that contributes to the development of our operations and strengthens the companies that are central to their activities.

To reinforce our management foundations, we will undertake a rebalancing of our "Resource" and "Non-resource" portfolios and pursue a cash flow focused management.

I recognize that to attain sustainable corporate growth, compliance is essential, and we must operate in harmony with society. Guided by the spirit of the Three Corporate Principles, which form our corporate philosophy, we will strive to respond to the expectations of our diverse stakeholders as we work to achieve simultaneous and sustainable economic value, societal value, and environmental value.

I ask for your ongoing support as we address the challenges ahead.

Takehiko Kakiuchi
President and Chief Executive Officer
May 2016