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Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group

The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group is putting its strengths to work in shosha-type industrial finance business. These strengths include expertise in businesses and assets, as well as MC's global network and access to wide-ranging industry domains.

The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group is a unique group that operates on an axis of industry-non-specific “functions” with the aim of developing a shosha-type industrial finance business. We are developing businesses over many fields from real estate funds, private equity funds and infrastructure funds, to leasing, real estate development and logistics.


The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group focuses on developing industrial finance business, targeting real assets where the group can leverage its expertise and networks as a global integrated business enterprise. By utilizing its various functions such as project development and asset management, the group is supplying capital to industries and offering investment opportunities for investors.

Specifically, the group is providing comprehensive finance services in certain domains that are unique from those offered by financial institutions.

These include asset management, infrastructure related financing, private equity financing, and leasing. In addition, the group is providing solutions in construction and real estate development concentrating mainly on commercial facilities and urban development, condominium development, and logistics.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

Asset Management Business Division

  • Asset management for real estate investment funds and related finance business
  • Private equity investment management business
  • Asset management business for other real assets
GYRE, a high-end retail complex owned by Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation managed by an MC subsidiary.

Industrial Finance Division

  • Infrastructure related finance business
  • General leasing business in Japan and overseas including auto leasing
  • Airline-related business including aircraft leasing and aircraft engine leasing
MC Aviation Partners is developing a comprehensive aircraft leasing business, and has offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dublin. (CG image)

Real Estate Development & Construction Division

  • Commercial real estate development
  • Large-scale urban real estate development
  • Construction Management
This student housing in the U.S. was developed by Diamond Realty Investments, Inc.

Logistics Division

  • International intermodal transport
  • Bulk carrier ownership and operations
  • Solutions business for the logistics sector
  • Logistics consulting
Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.'s Keihin Operations Dept in Yokohama.

Business Investments