Mitsubishi Corporation

Living Essentials Group

In the Living Essentials Group, we operate businesses that support the basics of daily life through the provision of daily necessities connected with clothing, food and housing to consumers.

The Living Essentials Group operates businesses in fields including distribution, retail and restaurants, providing consumers with products such as foods, clothing, daily consumer necessities and medical goods. Our strength as a group is that we conduct business operations that take entire industries into consideration, from the upstream sourcing of resources to the downstream retail market. We make a contribution to society by providing products and services that match the needs of consumers through business investments and affiliates in Japan and overseas. In addition, we support diverse and full lives for consumers and place a strong emphasis on the reliability and safety of the products and services we provide.


The environment surrounding the Living Essentials Group is changing significantly, characterized by the growing maturity of the Japanese consumer market and the rapid development of overseas consumer markets, particularly in Asia. The Living Essentials Group will work to strengthen its various capabilities in its area of strength, the value chain extending from sourcing of resources to the retail market, and expand and enhance its earnings base. In addition, it will increase globalization in its provision of raw materials while also operating the business model it has established in Japan in overseas markets. In this way, the Group will widen the reach of its business as one that is firmly rooted in the lives of individuals in various countries around the world.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

Global Consumer Business Division

  • Planning, execution, and promotion of new businesses in emerging markets
  • Developing food business in the UK and other European markets
"Alfamart" operated by Alfa Group, one of Indonesia's leading retailers.

Retail Division

  • Sale of food, clothing, furniture and interior furnishings, daily goods and others
  • Development and distribution of various consumer sales materials and services
  • Marketing business, point-based loyalty programs and payment settlement-related service businesses
The multi-partner loyalty program "Ponta" that is managed by Loyalty Marketing, Inc. is a service that offers the convenience and value of being able to collect and redeem points commonly recognized among various cooperating companies using a single point card.

Living Essential Products Division

  • Engages in the processing, supply and distribution of a variety products and services that include processed foods, frozen and chilled foods, confectionery, liquor, pet foods, paper products, packaging materials, raw materials for paper, tires, apparel, footwear, and households goods.
  • Engages in various healthcare related businesses such as outsourcing services for hospitals, import and sale of medical equipment, and nursing care equipment rental.
Dedicated delivery center for LIFE CORPORATION, the largest food supermarket chain in Japan, to which Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. provides services.

Living Essential Resources Division

  • Developing a business platform to provide stable supplies to customers in Japan and overseas by handling a range of materials including grains, rice, fresh produce, oils and fats, marine products, sweeteners and starches, feed, meats, beverages ingredients, dairy products, housing and construction materials, and carrying out operations extending from production and procurement to manufacturing and processing.
MC subsidiary, AGREX Inc. is strengthening its grain procurement capabilities in the U.S.

Business Investments