Mitsubishi Corporation

Machinery Group

The Machinery Group, which operates in various countries around the world, has connections with a wide range of industries, customers, manufacturers and partners, and has built up an extensive network. The Group makes use of these advantages, as well as its expertise in each business domain, to grasp market and customer needs and keep up with changes in the business environment.

The Machinery Group handles a wide range of machinery in four key domains: industrial machinery, shipping, defense and aerospace, and motor vehicles. We handle machine tools, agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment, elevators and escalators, ships, space-related equipment, automobiles, and other businesses.

Leveraging our expertise and extensive global networks in these fields, connecting us with customers, manufacturers, and partners, we are responding to changes in the business environment and developing our operations all over the world.


We continue to strengthen our existing operations as we forge longer value chains spanning sales to finance, distribution and our extensive business investments; but at the same time, we are looking to create the kinds of new businesses that will develop into future earnings pillars for MC.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

Industrial Machinery Business Division

  • Export, overseas transactions, and maintenance business for elevators and escalator
  • Sales of industrial and agricultural machinery
  • Rental of machinery and sales of mining equipment
MC conducts rental services and sales centered on construction and industrial machinery through rental services provider Nikken Corporation.

Ship & Aerospace Division

  • Transactions in ships, drillships, FPSOs/FSOs, marine equipment, etc.; finance; ship owning and management business
  • Space development & utilization business, and satellite imagery sales business
  • Sales of aircraft and defense systems for Japanese Ministry of Defense
With MC also having an equity interest, this state-of-the-art “Sayaendo” type LNG carrier is expected to join the fleet this year. (photograph supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) (above) High Resolution Imagery Satellite, GeoEye-1 (right) © DigitalGlobe, Inc.

Motor Vehicle Business Division

  • Automobile exports
    (built-up vehicles, assembly parts, spare parts)
  • Overseas local production and sales business
  • Automobile financing business
Our motor vehicle business in Indonesia is working to strengthen the value chain, including auto loan operations, centered on KTB.

Isuzu Business Division

  • Overseas local production and sales business
  • Overseas automobile financing, after-sales servicing and other related business
  • Automobile exports from Thailand and Japan (built-up vehicles, assembly and spare parts)
A new model SUV variant of a pickup truck was unveiled on October 31, 2013 at a launch event in Thailand.

Business Investments