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Metals Group

The Metals Group handles a wide range of steel products, ferrous raw materials, and non-ferrous metals.

In the Metals Group, we handle a wide range of commodities in ferrous raw materials, steel products and non-ferrous metals. By providing global markets with stable, sustainable supplies of high-quality raw materials and products, we are helping to create more affluent societies around the world.


As far as our investments are concerned, we are active in metals raw materials, including coking coal, thermal coal, iron ore, copper, nickel and chrome. As the world economy continues to grow, future demand is expected to be quite robust for coking coal in particular. We are also undertaking ventures in precious metals like platinum and palladium.

With respect to trade, we are leveraging high-quality services and functions to strengthen our supply structure, including raw materials and intermediary products. Our subsidiary Metal One handles our steel products trade, while Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International and Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan handle our ferrous raw materials and non-ferrous metals trade. The latter two companies were established in April 2013.

By accurately assessing customer needs in each industry, we aim to develop our group's businesses further and respond even better to global markets. In doing so, we hope to maximize our profits and business value.

Organizational Structure

Strategic fields

Developments in the Metal Resource Field

Metals Group Value Chain

Metal One Corporation has more than 70 steel service centers in Japan and countries around the world, providing comprehensive services, including steel processing, storage and delivery management.
Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Pte. Ltd., established in Singapore, is an integrated subsidiary for the mineral resources trading business.
Expansion plans are being actively developed and executed at BMA (a coal mining joint venture between Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (MDP) and BHP Billiton Ltd.) in Australia.

Business Investments