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Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

MC is determined to grow together with local and international communities in order to contribute to building truly prosperous, sustainable societies around the world. With this in mind, we are engaged in a diverse range of ongoing social contribution projects and actively support the voluntary participation of our employees.

MC's Social Contribution Activities

Basic Policy of Social Contributions (Established in 1991) Global Environment Public welfare and Education Public welfare and Education Culture and Arts International Exchange & Contribution
Basic Policy
We engage in a wide range of activities that contribute to the well-being of communities around the world based on an awareness of our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen.
Basic Policy of Social Contributions
MC's social contribution activities, mainly in the fields of the global environment, public welfare, education, culture and the arts and International Exchange & Contribution, prioritize continual programs and voluntary efforts by employees worldwide.
GLOBAL ACTION - Global Philanthropy Map

Hands-on volunteering initiatives for employees

MC is implementing various initiatives to promote employee participation in volunteer programs, as we think it is important for every member of staff to be fully aware of the importance of giving back to society. For example, MC has a system whereby employees can take up to 5 days of volunteer leave per annum and we regularly run in-house programs during lunch breaks or other convenient time slots to facilitate employee participation.

MC makes donations to public welfare, educational and environmental NPOs or foundations based on a system of virtual "tokens." Employees earn virtual tokens for volunteering their time, with each token worth a corporate donation of 500 yen. Tokens are not only awarded for volunteer work designated by MC, but also for activities undertaken independently by employees during their private time away from work.

  • Global Environment

    Working for the sake of the abundant nature and the many living creatures on this planet to ensure their survival into the future, MC is striving to conserve and improve the global environment through our many-faceted business activities.

  • Public welfare and Education

    To help the mentally and physically challenged achieve full participation and equality in society through work, MC engages in efforts to support their independence and initiatives in social welfare activities. We also provide assistance in various fields of education with the aim to foster our youth and rear the next generation's leaders. In addition, we run scholarship programs for study in Japan and abroad.

  • Culture and Arts

    MC assists young artists with a promising future as part of new social contribution activities. A large part of these efforts are mecenat activities which provide assistance related to culture and arts.

  • International Exchange & Contribution

    As a global business enterprise, MC must think of how it can support the countries and regions where it conducts business over the medium and long terms. MC carries out various social contribution activities in each country and region that we have a presence. In particular, we work to integrate business strategy and philanthropy in order to more effectively use our core competencies to help solve various local issues.

CSR and Environmental Topics - Announcement of domestic and international CSR & Environmental activities.

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