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MC FOREST - Mitsubishi Corporation CSR Station Now you can enjoy a forest stroll right in the heart of Marunouchi.
MC FOREST - Mitsubishi Corporation CSR Station Now you can enjoy a forest stroll right in the heart of Marunouchi.

Mitsubishi Corporation's CSR Station "MC FOREST"

Forests are one of our planet's most precious natural resources, nurturing countless forms of life. It is crucial that mankind coexists in harmony with nature. Mitsubishi Corporation recognizes that our planet is our greatest stakeholder, and we are continuously working towards the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities. MC Forest introduces the wide range of our company's activities, including environmental preservation and societal contributions, while also conveying the invaluable nature of our forests.

On the first floor, we showcase some of the CSR and environmental activities we engage in around the world. On the second floor, you will find information about Mitsubishi Corporation's history and main business activities on display.

MC FOREST has celebrated its first anniversary. We planted 16,507 trees! Click here for the details

1FInformation base for our CSR and environmental activities.We also have a number of events lined up for this space.

  • Forest Conservation Activities

    <Forest Coaster>

    Set the wooden ball in motion through this fun contraption and discover how, one by one, trees can grow into rich forests.

  • Coral Reef Conservation Activities

    Take a look at some vibrant images depicting our Global Coral Reef Conservation Projects in the Seychelles, Australia and Okinawa.

  • Social Contributions including our Tohoku Recovery Efforts

    Learn about the volunteer activities undertaken by Mitsubishi Corporation employees as part of our recovery efforts in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as our other employee volunteer programs. These are introduced on the large monitor and visuals on the walls.

  • CSR and Environmental Activities

    Stop by the 120-inch screen on the wall for an overview of our social contribution activities, including our domestic and overseas forest conservation programs and volunteer Friendship Camp for Mothers and Children. This space will also be used to disseminate a range of information, including events held in collaboration with NPOs.

2FLearn about our global business activities and company history through interactive, large-screen displays

  • Business Activities

    <Interactive table monitor & large-scale screen>

    This table monitor allows multiple users to search simultaneously for details about Mitsubishi Corporation's business activities by a simple touch of the screen. Select an area of interest from the interactive world map on the table monitor, and project it onto an 80 inch screen on the wall for an even better viewing experience.

  • History

    <History Vision & Tablet PC>

    This wall display contains a chronological overview of Mitsubishi Corporation's history. To zoom into a particular event that interests you, simply point the tablet PC towards it and further details will appear on the screen.

  • Showcase

    See some samples of real products from Mitsubishi Corporation's Natural Resources, Energy and Chemicals businesses.


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Open : 11:00-20:00
Closed : Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)
Admission : Free
Address : 3-1, Marunouchi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
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MC FOREST - Mitsubishi Corporation CSR Station (CSR & Environmental)

Learn more about Mitsubishi Corporation's CSR and environmental activities from this website.