Living Essentials Group

Food and Produce Business

Overview and strategies

Overview and strategies Food business commits to major processed food items such as marine products, canned goods, broiler and so on which have competitive industrial background in Thailand. We support work with customers utilizing our know-how of trading, production/processing and marketing. The business is also under expansion for import and domestic business through its function.

Produce business handles the business of grain, starch, sweeteners, oil and fat, feed, meat and livestock, while maintaining its traditional role of applying sophisticated trading skill to maximize returns from trading food commodities. We have developed over joint ventures in related industries in Thailand which help increase returns and broaden the market perspective.

Handling Items

Food business

Frozen shrimp, frozen processed tuna loin, frozen cuttlefish/octopus, other frozen processed fish, canned tuna, canned pineapple, canned marine products, canned fruits, canned vegetable, canned pet food, frozen vegetable, powder milk, seaweed, soy sauce, fruits, other frozen and grocery products.

Produce business

Export : Modified tapioca starch, native tapioca starch, sugar, rice cracker, citric acid, shirozake, canned sauce, rice, wheat flour, vermicelli, rice bran oil, beans, sesame seed.
Import : Wheat, vital wheat gluten, potato starch, frozen meat, shortening, margarine, ageless, processed vegetable oils.
Domestic : Native tapioca starch, modified tapioca starch, citric acid, refining and crude vegetable oils.


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