Machinery Group

Overview and strategies

Overview and strategies Machinery group operates in the fields of almost all kinds of industries. Our scope of activities is to be the partner for customers' success and create the good understanding through trade by promoting sales, finances and investment of complete utility plants, industrial plants, system and equipment which form the integral parts of manufacturing and service sectors.

Basing upon our long years of collaboration with a lot of top-class manufacturers and engineering firms, who have gained worldwide reputation for reliability, technical excellence and competitiveness,
we can offer our customers the services ranging from initial planning through feasibility study, design, engineering, supply of equipment, construction, operation assistances, operators' training, financing and marketing.

Handling Items


  • Power plant for utility & IPP (independent power producers)
  • Gas turbine & combined cycle power plant
  • Thermal power plant (oil, gas, coal-fired)
  • Hydro power plant solar, wind turbine and other equipments
  • Environmental & electrical equipment related to the power plants
  • Chiller plant
  • Investment in power project


  • Airport logistics equipment
    (cargo handling equipment, baggage claim equipment, passenger boarding bridge, moving walks and other equipments)
  • Aircraft seats
  • Aircraft engines repair & overhaul
  • Tunneling equipment (various types of boring / shield machines)
  • Rail and guided transportation systems
    • High speed railway system
    • Light & heavy rail system
    • Supporting systems for rail systems
      (power supply system, train control system, operation control system,platform screen door and other products)
  • Raw materials for automotive paints and automotive paints
  • Elevators, escalators and moving walks
  • High-resolution digital satellite images communication system
  • Infra-structure construction projects


  • Oil refinery & gas processing plants
  • Energy, chemical and petrochemical plant
  • Steam turbine and compressor
  • Plant and component equipment for Iron and steel mill
  • Refinery and rolling equipment for non-ferrous metal
  • Cement plant
  • Port handling equipment
  • Shipbuilding and ship repairing
  • Municipal waste Incineration plant
  • Component equipment for water and waste water treatment
  • Soil improvement chemicals
  • Transplant for Japanese investors
  • Construction equipment
  • Food, bottling & canning machinery / equipment
  • Paper, printing & corrugation machinery / equipment
  • Biaxially oriented film manufacturing plant / non-oriented film production line
  • Industrial machinery / equipment
  • Packing machinery / equipment


  • Power sub-station
  • Power transmission line
  • Industrial power plant
    • Steam turbine generator
    • Gas turbine generator
    • Diesel engine generator
    • Gas engine generator
  • SPP (small power producers)
  • Toll collection & traffic control system
  • Other environmental & electrical items related to the above power sub-station, power transmission line, industrial power plant and SPP


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation