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Metals Group

Metals Group performs vital roles of intermediate functions in carrying out value-added supply chain of Non-Ferrous Metal materials and products from global suppliers to world class OEM parts manufacturers or fabricators in South East Asia region. With utilization of skillful human resources and Mitsubishi's network, we can provide variety of services to customers and fulfill increasing demand of manufacturers in this region. Metals Group of Thai-MC develops consecutively business transactions which cover almost all of major industries and handle two main categories of goods.

Non-Ferrous Metal Materials

Metals Group imports Primary Aluminium (Ingot/Billet) from reliable suppliers and also handles Secondary Aluminium Alloy Ingot and Zinc Ingot, supplying to automobile industries mainly.

We also coordinate with Mitsubishi Corporation RtM in marketing Copper Cathodes to wire/electric cable manufactures in Thailand. Battery products are a crucial item, which requires our tactical skills in sourcing and supplying Lead Ingot to battery makers.

  • Primary Alminium Ingot

We are knowledgeable about LME pricing. We also provide logistics activities for just-in-time delivery and adequate market information to customers. These professional functions are the key success of our Non-Ferrous Metals business in the region for the past 40 years.

Non-Ferrous Metal Products

Our company is playing aggressive role in supplying wide range of metal-related products such as Aluminium Coil, Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Strip, Aluminium Tube, Copper Tube, Copper Sheet, as well as press parts and forming parts for several industries. Our main industries are related with room air conditioner, automotive heat exchanger unit such as condenser, evaporator and radiator. Recently, we have added Silicon Powder, Nickel Sulfate and Nickel Cathode in our product lines.

The products include those from our J/V partners as well as from local and oversea suppliers. On the other hand, we are also promoting export of our J/V products to other countries, such as Malaysia, India, Pakistan, China and South Africa.

Metals Group mainly plays major role as investor, sales agent, and distributor. Besides, Metals Group also provides wide range of services in logistics activities, inventory operation, marketing information, as well as business management consultant, which we called "Solution Provider" for serving all valuable partners as your company(s).

Handling Items

Non-Ferrous Metals Business

  • Primary Aluminium Ingot
  • Aluminium Coil Plate
  • Primary Aluminium Alloy Ingot
  • Aluminium Tube
  • Primary Aluminium Billet
  • Aluminium Sheet
  • Secondary Aluminium Alloy Ingot
  • Zinc Alloy Ingot
  • Aluminium Scraps
  • Primary Lead Ingot
  • Aluminium Strip
  • Copper Tube
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Copper Sheet
  • Primary Zinc Ingot
  • Tin Ingot
  • Zinc Wire
  • Precious Metals (Platinum)
  • Copper Cathode
  • Automotive Parts, such as press parts and forming parts
  • Copper Wire

Major Investment Company

Aluminium Ingot and NFM Products Business

  • Nikkei-MC Aluminum (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Muang-Max (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Varopakorn Public Co., Ltd.