New Business Initiative Group

Overview and strategies

Overview and strategiesThe New Business Initiative (NBI) Group was established in April 2000, adding IT, Consumer and Healthcare businesses to its predecessor consisting of Logistics and Financial business. In April 2003, the Telecommunication and Broadcasting Division, has been transferred from the former IT & Electronics Business Group to NBI Group. The objective is to grow earnings by enhancing Mitsubishi Corporation's ability to provide total solutions.

Generally, it is said that the intermediaries, like general trading companies, are being increasingly threatened by the dynamic change of advanced information technology, which is a major factor of changing business and transaction models. Some intermediaries who fail to adjust to these changes are in difficult position as manufacturers and customers no longer require their services.

On the flip side of the coin, this is also an era in which intermediaries with certain key capabilities and qualities will come to play an even more vital role. Those key competencies are: Ability to act from the customers' standpoint; Ability to anticipate their needs and collaborate with manufacturers to deliver value; Ability to offer logistics solutions through a well-established system; Ability to anticipate each customer's problems and participate in solving them as a "consultant" investor.

Mitsubishi Corporation established the NBI Group to spearhead its delivery of those key competencies, and drive the company toward becoming a more customer-oriented organization. This NBI group is expected to step up the pace at which the company acts, link IT and consumer businesses with financial and logistics functions to develop new business models and functions to support each business group.

Information Technology (IT) is revolutionizing how business is transacted. It is said that companies who cannot keep up with the speed of this IT revolution and cannot adopt IT into their businesses might not survive in the next decade. We offer comprehensive one-stop network and system integration services and IT solutions through our affiliates, IT Frontier Corporation in Japan, and Ictus Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

Logistics Technology (LT) is a necessary part of bringing buyers and sellers together, which is the reason Mitsubishi Corporation maintains comprehensive distribution capabilities. Our expertise extends automated warehousing to intermodal shipping. This range of support gives clients powerful advantages in achieving their goals. Our affiliate in Thailand, MC Trans (Thailand) Co., Ltd., can be of your assistance, in collaboration with another affiliate, MC Trans International Co. (in Japan), who has much know-how and infrastructure particularly in this growing Asian region.

In April 2001, NBI Group has made into an alliance with Shin Corporation, the giant telecommunication group founded by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinnawatra by making an investment in an e-business holding company, AD Venture Co., Ltd., looking for business synergy in mobile and telecommunication fields.

Moreover, NBI has succeeded to supply Sony's contactless smart cards and tokens to Bangkok's first underground service system (blue line), with ultimate aim to expand the usage of these fare media to cover multi applications in the future.

Another NBI's outstanding activity in Thailand is the ESCO (Energy Service Company) business. Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the limited partners investing US$10 million to the ESCO Fund, raised by a US leading ESCO Fund manager, FE Clean Energy Group. The fund will be utilized by making investments in mid-sized ESCO projects in Asia and Eastern Europe in order to invest and provide energy saving engineering services.

In Thailand, a special purpose company (SPC) is established to be an investment vehicle. Besides energy saving, SPC will also study the business opportunities of emissions trading operations, known as carbon credit.

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