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Living Essentials Group : Food Department

Our strategy is to enhance our value chain management which extends from the farming sites to processing, transportation, distribution, and retails stores. We are working to supply safe, affordable and high quality foods from our value chains to the markets and consumers both domestic and overseas for the health and welfare of the people.

Handling Items

Tapioca starch (native and modified), Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Wheat flour, Rice bran oil, Vegetable oils (crude, refined, and processed), Coffee (beans and products), Soya bean, Marine products (Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon, Etc.), Chicken meat products, Fruit juice, Dairy products, Canned and pouched foods (tuna and other marine products, fruits, vegetables, sauces, pet foods), Vermicelli and Grocery products.

Major Investment Company

  • Asia Modified Starch Co., Ltd.
  • Asian Best Chicken Co., Ltd.
  • Dia Merchandise Co., Ltd.
  • Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd.
  • TMAC Co., Ltd. (Shrimp farming company)