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Living Essentials Group : General Merchandise Department

General Merchandise Dept. handles a wide range of industrial and consumer products in various fields such as paper and packaging materials, photographic paper & specialty paper and construction materials for export, import and domestic transaction. Our core businesses are paper & packaging business.

In packaging business, we supply not only various materials, but also provide our packaging solution including packaging system and supply chain management to maximize ultimate values to all customers.

Paper and Packaging Business

Our company engages in the business of printing and writing paper, photographic paper, Thermal paper, inkjet paper, We also involve local business for offset printing boxes and corrugated box. Besides paper packaging, we provide flexible packaging for convenient foods all kinds of product which can withstand high temperature and pressure; for example, retort pouch, frozen food package and labels. Our company imports "Ageless" product which provides oxygen absorber for preserving product freshness.

Tire & Other Businesses

We import and export raw material to produce tire and also provide finished product for automotive manufacturing.

Handling Items

Paper and Packaging Business

  • Printing and writing paper
  • Photo and inkjet paper
  • Thermal paper and Thermal digital Plate
  • Offset carton box and Corrugated carton box
  • Paper Pallet
  • Sticker Label
  • Synthetic Paper "Yupo"
  • Packaging Design

Flexible Packaging business

  • Retort Pouch
  • Regular Pouch
  • Plastic Container & Tray
  • Frozen Food packing
  • Plastic Film
  • Oxygen Absorber "Ageless"

Tire & Other Businesses

  • Tire
  • Raw material for making tire
  • Talcum
  • Cement and clinker
  • Other ceramic products & raw materials

Major Investment Company

  • Bridgestone Sales Thailand Co., Ltd.