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This is the inquiry page for Mitsubishi Corporation, Singapore Branch. We ask that questions relating to the following be directed to the respective site of the respective company.

Inquiries about Mitsubishi automobiles, or Mitsubishi automotive parts Open in new window Mitsubishi Motors
Inquiries about trucks or busses Open in new window Mitsubishi Fuso
Inquiries about electrical products, such as televisions, air conditioners and projectors; elevators; and escalators Open in new window Mitsubishi Electric
Inquiries about aircraft, compressors, turbines, and forklifts Open in new window Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Inquiries about Mitsubishi and the Mitsubishi companies Open in new window

* Mitsubishi Corporation is a member of the Mitsubishi group companies and is not a holding company for other "Mitsubishi" companies.

For inquiry regarding Mitsubishi Corporation, Singapore Branch, pls send to following contact details below :

Address 1 Temasek Ave
#19-00 Millenia Tower
Singapore 039192
Tel65-6338 1100
Fax65-6338 8361