Corporate Citizenship

In addressing both social and environmental responsibilities as we embark on an ever-wider range of commercial activities, we strive to be a good corporate citizen committed to living in harmony with the society and environment.

Environmental Initiates

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) recognizes that an enterprise with global reach cannot continue to exist without consideration for its environmental performance. Therefore, MC strives to preserve and improve the global environment and pursues sustainable development through all aspects of its business activities.

MC's Environmental Charter, enacted in 1996, applies to Mitsubishi Corporation and all domestic and overseas subsidiaries, including our Singapore Branch based on the Guidelines for Corporate Action.

Guidelines for Corporate Action
  1. Conformity with Environmental Laws and Regulations

    We will act in accordance with environmental laws and regulations of the national and local authorities to prevent environmental degradation in the countries where we operate. We will also adhere to relevant international conventions and incorporate respect for international standards.
  2. Natural Environment

    We will develop resources, pursue investments, and promote transactions with careful consideration of the environmental impacts of our activities on local communities and ecosystems.
  3. Resources and Energy

    We will actively promote the efficient use and reuse of natural resources and energy while also employing forms of energy that minimize the environmental impacts of our operations.
  4. Recycling Economy and Society

    We will contribute to the development of a sustainable recycling economy and society where resources are wisely used and waste is minimized, through the introduction of new technologies and the efficient utilization of our information.
  5. Environmental Management System

    In accordance with this Environmental Charter, we will seek ways to continually improve our environmental management system.
  6. Announcement and Public Release of the Environmental Charter

    This Environmental Charter will be disseminated among the management and all employees of Mitsubishi Corporation. The company will promote environmental education to ensure that these principles are understood and acted upon throughout the organization. In addition, our Environmental Charter will be made available to the public.