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Environmental Business Division

The Environmental Business Division focuses on new business development in the area of clean energy including hydrogen, electric vehicles, energy storage and batteries.

As the world transitions to a low-carbon society, renewable energy will be increasingly introduced in areas where technological innovation (i.e. battery technology, IoT, big data) provides opportunities for grid stabilization, electrification in mobility and decentralized energy systems.

With Mitsubishi Corporation's extensive experience working with electrical utilities as well as in the energy, automotive and battery industries, the Division is working on a variety of projects which include developing new concepts in relation to e-mobility and IoT, and bridging different energy sectors such as transport and energy markets. This also includes hydrogen applications such as power-to-gas and storage technology. And last but not least, we actively supply Fullerene material.

The Division also delivers services related to industrial-scale battery energy storage solutions, primarily assisting our sister company, Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ), a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion cells from Japan. Stationary Energy Storage with batteries will play an increasingly crucial role as a key technology for achieving a low-carbon society by providing grid stabilization and energy management functions. In addition, batteries initially used in electric vehicles can later gain a 'second life' being utilized in another stationary storage application.

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