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Industrial Materials Division

The Industrial Materials Division is committed to creating sustainable societies through innovative transformation in the materials industry. Against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive environment, diversifying material needs are likely to present new business opportunities. Our mission is to redefine the role Mitsubishi Corporation can play in providing solutions to the industries in which it operates, and to focus resources in areas where the Company can leverage its strength and capabilities.

While we engage in product sales, business development and investments in the automotive, mobility, construction infrastructure sectors, our on-going trading activities are mainly in the carbon business sector. We handle a wide range of traditional carbon materials and products including metallurgical coke, green coke, needle coke, coal tar, graphite electrodes, anode block and cathode block, as well as relatively new materials such as fullerene, which is expected to help expand our carbon nano-material business.

For more information about our global Industrial Materials business, please visit Mitsubishi Corporation’s website.