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Industrial Materials Group

The Industrial Materials Group engages in product sales, investment and business development in the automotive & mobility, construction and infrastructure sectors. We handle a wide variety of materials such as steel products, silica sand, carbon, as well as PVC & chemical products.

We aim to maximize our business value as we adapt to change and capture new business opportunities amid the diversifying need for materials. As we work to directly address the challenges facing our industry, we will concentrate our efforts in business areas where we can fully demonstrate our strengths and capabilities.

Furthermore, with the aim of reducing emissions in the materials sector, we are working on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) using concrete etc.

Organizational Structure

Construction Materials Department

The Construction Materials Dept. operates a manufacturing and sales business for cement, ready-mixed concrete, etc. used in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Main Products and Services
Cement & ready-mix concrete

Ceramic Minerals Department

The Ceramic Minerals Department handles silica sand, which is the main material for sheet glass, glass for solar power generation, and display glass, etc. Through the business operations of a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation in Australia, which owns one of the world's largest silica sand mines, we have been supplying silica sand for more than 50 years to Asian countries, where there has been a remarkable growth in demand.

Main Products and Services
Silica sand

Performance Materials Division

The Performance Materials Division handles carbon raw materials/products, PVC, and hydrogen peroxide water, etc., which are used in a wide range of sectors, including steel, automotive & mobility, construction, infrastructure, and electronics.
In addition to importing/exporting and domestic and intermediary trade of such materials, the division is developing manufacturing operations not only in Japan, but also in the United States and South Korea, providing a stable supply of high-quality materials, and creating new business models that leverage the power of materials.

Main Products and Services
Needle coke, graphite electrodes, coal tar, petroleum coke for fuel, carbon blocks, PVC, plastic compounds, plastic additives, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
Organizational Structure
Carbon Materials Dept. | PVC & Functional Chemicals Dept. | Business Development Dept.

Steel Products Division

Through Metal One Corporation (Metal One), an integrated steel trading company that is 60% owned by MC, the Steel Products Division handles distribution and processing of steel products. It also develops steel-related projects by leveraging its capabilities as an integrated trading company.
With the sales network of over 140 offices and subsidiaries in Japan and overseas, Metal One builds up a value chain connecting steel manufacturers and customers by providing comprehensive services from distribution, inventory, manufacturing to processing, in addition to sales of steel products.

Main Products and Services
Steel plates and sheets, structural steel, line pipes, oil country tubular goods, wire rods, specialty steel, etc.

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