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Investor Relations


Investor Relations

Last update: December 4, 2017

Stock Quotes


  • Shareholder Returns
    Under the "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2018" we focus on dividend as basic approach to returning value to shareholders, and increase dividend flexibly with sustainable earning growth based on a progressive dividend scheme.
    Based on the solid progress of operating income, we plan to pay 95 yen per share, up 15 yen from our forecast at the beginning of this FY ending March 31, 2018.
    *Raised from 95 to 100 yen per share as of FY2017 Q3.
  • Medium-and Long-Term Targets
    We will strive to achieve a double-digit ROE through additional grouth in the business-related sector and an active re-profiling of our market-related sector.
  • Cash Flow Analysis


Commitments to Our Stakeholders

We will simultaneously generate three kinds of value through our businesses: “economic value,” “environmental value” and “societal value.”

  1. 1 We will continue our shift towards “managing” businesses and tackle the challenge of achieving a new level of profit.

  2. 2 We will create businesses that transcend business group boundaries by leveraging MC's strengths.

  1. 3 We will target sustainable earnings growth while strengthening the balance of capital allocation.

  2. 4 We will dynamically allocate management resources to establish core earnings streams for the future.


Creating Value that
Further Consolidates
Our Individual Strengths

  • Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group

    The Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group is working to help build a sustainable society and enhance the company's corporate value through businesses in the infrastructure field, which has high public significance and growth potential.

    Main businesses:
    Environmental, New Energy & Power Generation, Infrastructure
  • Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group

    The Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group will build business models by harnessing financing functions in the four sectors of Merchant Banking, Leasing, Real Estate and Urban Development, and Logistics.

    Main businesses:
    Asset Finance & Investment, Real Estate, Logistics
  • Energy Business Group

    The Energy Business Group will strongly drive further growth by creating business opportunities through measures strengthening the energy value chain and expanding global marketing.

    Main businesses:
    Oil & Gas (LNG), Petroleum & Carbon
  • Metals Group

    The Metals Group aspires to contribute to the sustainable development of the world in which we live through the stable supply of high-quality, competitive mineral resources and steel products to the global market.

    Main businesses:
    Mineral Resources (incl. Coking Coal & Copper), Steel Business, Mineral Resources Trading
  • Machinery Group

    Leveraging MC's business functions and networks, the Machinery Group will boldly tackle business model transformation and focus on sectors and regions expected to grow in the future.

    Main businesses:
    Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Ships
  • Chemicals Group

    In the chemical industry, which has expansive interfaces with the clothing, food, and housing sectors, the Chemicals Group is pursuing new businesses by taking full advantage of its solid market interfaces in the industry.

    Main businesses:
    Petrochemicals, Basic Chemicals, Life Sciences
  • Living Essentials Group

    The Living Essentials Group will strive to create value based on a consumer-first perspective by providing a safe and stable supply of daily necessities.

    Main businesses:
    Food, Consumer Products, Distribution & Retail