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Message from President and CEO

Fiscal year 2024 will be the third year of "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 – Creating MC Shared Value."

In Japan, the stock market has been reaching new heights since the beginning of the year, and momentum is building to finally emerge from the "lost decades," which have persisted over the past 30 years. Meanwhile in the global community, in addition to the restructuring of supply chains in response to heightened geopolitical risk, we are seeing increasing uncertainty in the external environment due to rapid changes in business models driven by technological innovations, such as generative AI. We should view such changes in the internal and external environment not as "risks" but as "opportunities."

MC has continuously elevated its efforts in response to the changing times, shifting from the company’s original trading business to business investment and management. Through Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024, we presented the objective of "MC + Creating Shared Value" or simply "Creating MCSV." Our vision for the future is to play a role in creating a new future by capitalizing on our diversity and collective capabilities in order to realize the MC Group’s unique "Value Creation" beyond the framework of existing business domains.

As we announced last December, MC is incorporating a new organizational framework comprised of eight Business Groups at the start of fiscal year 2024. In this way, we are adopting a new structure that aims to create MCSV on a larger scale and address societal issues by making solid businesses even stronger and pursuing "new integration" of solid businesses. MC also revised its regional framework with a view to capturing global growth and driving speedy business creation. I believe we now have the foundation in place to move ahead with "offensive" efforts.

This year is the final year of Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024. While we are naturally focused on its results, we will also be looking ahead to the next four years and our new midterm corporate strategy. Positioning the ensuing four-year period as a time for "offensive" efforts, we will shift our pursuit of growth into high gear. I intend to approach this year as the start of our next four-year period, during which we will set out to create a new and improved MC, suited to a new stage in our business.

We will strive to fulfill our responsibility as a company by continuously creating significant shared value while seeking to address various societal and industrial challenges, based on the spirit of the Three Corporate Principles, our corporate philosophy since MC's founding. We are grateful for the continued support of all our stakeholders and look forward to working with all of you to create a new future.

Katsuya Nakanishi
President & CEO
April 2024

Midterm Corporate Strategy

MC has announced its new three-year management plan, entitled "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 – Creating MC Shared Value."

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