Mitsubishi Corporation

Social Media Policy

Mitsubishi Corporation (the “Company”) hereby establishes and adheres to this policy regarding its stance and conduct in the operation of its official social media accounts.

1. Purpose of Participation in Social Media

The Company shall use social media to communicate and disseminate information with the aim of making the Company better known to as many people as possible.

2. Attitude Toward Participation in Social Media

The Company understands that information disseminated through social media can be accessed by an unspecified number of users and is widely publicized to the world at large. The Company also understands that once information is disseminated, it cannot be completely removed, and therefore shall endeavor to act with awareness and responsibility.

3. Social Media Operation Policy

The Company's official account operators shall participate in social media in accordance with the following basic manners.

  • We will remember to listen attentively and act with integrity to earn trust.
  • We will be aware of our responsibilities as employees of the Company, and will always try to communicate and post in a sensible manner.
  • We will take responsibility for the information we disseminate and the responses we provide, and will take care not to cause misunderstanding or distress.
  • We will not disseminate personal information or information related to privacy without the consent of the person concerned.
  • We will observe the regulations of each social media site established and operated by a third party, and respect the culture and etiquette of each social media site.

4. Social Media Terms of Use

The Social Media Terms of Use will apply to the use of official social media accounts. Click on the URL below to check the Terms of Use.