Mitsubishi Corporation

Directors & Officers

Directors (11) (as of July 1, 2022)

* Indicates an outside director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.
Designated for Independent Directors and Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Members as specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Audit & Supervisory Board Members (5) (as of July 1, 2022)

* Indicates an outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member as provided for in Article 2-16 of the Companies Act.
Designated for Independent Directors and Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Members as specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Executive Officers (46) (as of December 1, 2022)

Title Name Position

President and Chief Executive Officer

Katsuya Nakanishi  
Executive Vice
Norikazu Tanaka Group CEO, Mineral Resources Group
(Concurrently) Leader, EX Task Force
Hidenori Takaoka President, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)
Kotaro Tsukamoto Group CEO, Industrial Materials Group
Jun Nishizawa Group CEO, Natural Gas Group
Norio Saigusa Group CEO, Food Industry Group
Aiichiro Matsunaga Group CEO, Power Solution Group
Yasuteru Hirai Corporate Functional Officer, Global Strategy
(Concurrently) Chief Compliance Officer, Officer for Emergency Crisis Management Headquarters
Osamu Takeuchi Group CEO, Petroleum & Chemicals Solution Group
Yutaka Kashiwagi Corporate Functional Officer, IT, CAO, Corporate Communications, Corporate Sustainability & CSR
Kiyotaka Kikuchi Group CEO, Consumer Industry Group
(Concurrently) Division COO, Retail Div.
Takuya Kuga Group CEO, Urban Development Group
Shigeru Wakabayashi Group CEO, Automotive & Mobility Group
Yuzo Nouchi Corporate Functional Officer, CFO
Koji Ota Group CEO, Industrial Infrastructure Group
(Concurrently) Division COO, Plant Engineering Div.
Senior Vice Presidents
Hiroki Haba Division COO, Next-Generation Fuels & Petroleum Business Div.
Koichi Seri Division COO, Mineral Resources Trading Div.
Yasuhiro Kawakami Seconded to Cermaq Group AS (Chair of the Board)
Kenji Ota General Manager, Headquarters for the Middle East
Masaru Saito General Manager, Natural Gas Group CEO Office
(Concurrently) Division COO, North America Div.
Makoto Okawara General Manager, Finance Dept.
Naoshi Ogikubo General Manager, Urban Development Group CEO Office
Yoshiyuki Nojima General Manager, Corporate Administration Dept.
Akihiko Takada Managing Director, Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc.
(Concurrently) General Manager, London Branch
Tetsuo Kawate General Manager, Global Human Resources Dept.
Kyoya Kondo Division COO, Isuzu Business Div.
Yasuyuki Asakura General Manager, Power Solution Group CEO Office
Ko Imamura Seconded to Metal One Corporation (President & CEO, Director)
Sadahiko Haneji Seconded to Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (Managing Director & CEO)
Tetsuya Shinohara General Manager, Global Strategy & Coordination Dept.
Shota Kondo General Manager, Corporate Strategy & Planning Dept.
Satoshi Koyama Division COO, Mineral Resources Investment Div.
(Concurrently) General Manager, MDP Dept.
Toshiaki Maekawa Division COO, Automotive Business Div.
Hideyuki Hori General Manager, Food Industry Group CEO Office
Koji Ohno Division COO, Steel Products Div.
Akifumi Suzuki Division COO, Global Marketing Div.
Tetsu Funayama Corporate Functional Officer, Business Development for Japan
(Concurrently) General Manager, Kansai Branch
Kazuaki Yamana General Manager, Business Investment Management Dept.
Kenji Kobayashi Division COO, Asset Finance Div.
(Concurrently) General Manager, Merchant Banking Dept.
Juro Baba Special Appointments General Manager to Industrial Materials Group CEO
Ryosuke Tsugaru Division COO, Asia-Pacific Div.
Ken Yamaguchi Division COO, Food Sciences Div.
Satoshi Sato Division COO, Industrial Machinery Div.
Takehiro Fujimura General Manager, Internal Audit Dept.
Yuji Okafuji Division COO, Energy Service Solution Div.
(Concurrently) Seconded to Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd. (Director, President and Chief Executive Officer)
Takuya Hirakuri CDO
(Concurrently) Head of Industry DX Group