Mitsubishi Corporation

Directors & Officers

Members of the Board (12) (as of January 19, 2018)

* Indicates a representative director. ** Indicates an outside director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.
Designated for Independent Director as specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other exchanges in Japan.

Audit & Supervisory Board Members (5) (as of January 19, 2018)

* Indicates an outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member as provided for in Article 2-16 of the Companies Act.
Designated for Independent Director as specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other exchanges in Japan.

Executive Officers (48) (as of January 19, 2018)

Title Name Position

President and Chief Executive Officer

Takehiko Kakiuchi  
Senior Executive Vice President
Eiichi Tanabe Corporate Functional Officer, Global Strategy & Coordination, Global Research, International Economic Cooperation, Logistics Management
(Concurrently) Regional CEO, Asia & Oceania, Person Responsible for Security Trade Control, Person Responsible for Trade Procedures Control
Executive Vice
Kazushi Okawa Group CEO, Machinery Group
Hajime Hirano Group CEO, Energy Business Group
Hiroshi Sakuma Group CEO, Global Environmental & Infrastructure Business Group
Kanji Nishiura Group CEO, Metals Group
Haruki Hayashi Regional CEO, Europe & Africa
(Concurrently) Managing Director, Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc.
Hidemoto Mizuhara Regional CEO, North America
(Concurrently) President, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)
Kazuyuki Masu Corporate Functional Officer, CFO, IT
Takeshi Hagiwara Group CEO, Chemicals Group
Shinya Yoshida Group CEO, Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group
Yutaka Kyoya Group CEO, Living Essentials Group
Iwao Toide Corporate Functional Officer, Business Investment Management, Corporate Sustainability
(Concurrently) General Manager, Business Investment Management Dept.
Akira Murakoshi Corporate Functional Officer, Corporate Communications, Human Resources
Masakazu Sakakida Corporate Functional Officer, Corporate Administration, Legal
(Concurrently) Chief Compliance Officer
Mitsumasa Icho Corporate Functional Officer, Regional Strategy for Japan
(Concurrently) General Manager, Kansai Branch
Senior Vice Presidents
Mitsuyuki Takada General Manager, Global Strategy & Coordination Dept.
Keisuke Hoshino Seconded to Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd. (President and CEO)
Koichi Wada General Manager, Nagoya Branch
Tsutomu Takanose Deputy General Manager, Kansai Branch
Katsuhiro Ito President, Mitsubishi Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Takajiro Ishikawa Seconded to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Seconded to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. (Senior Executive Vice President))
Yasuteru Hirai Regional CEO, East Asia
(Concurrently) President, Mitsubishi Corporation China Co., Ltd.
(Concurrently) General Manager, Beijing Branch
Noboru Tsuji Division COO, Automotive Business Div.
Norikazu Tanaka Division COO, Mineral Resources Investment Div.
(Concurrently) General Manager, MDP Dept.
Fuminori Hasegawa Division COO, Energy Resources Div. A
Tetsuji Nakagawa Division COO, Infrastructure Business Div.
Hidenori Takaoka General Manager, Energy Business Group CEO Office
Noriyuki Tsubonuma Managing Director & CEO, Mitsubishi Australia Limited
(Concurrently) Managing Director, Mitsubishi New Zealand Limited
(Concurrently) Deputy Regional CEO, Asia & Oceania (Oceania)
Yasushi Okahisa General Manager, Corporate Staff Section Management Dept.
Tsunehiko Yanagihara EVP, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)[Work location: Silicon Valley]
Masatsugu Kurahashi Chief Regional Officer, Indonesia
(Concurrently) President, PT. Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia
(Concurrently) General Manager, Surabaya Branch, PT. Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia
Nodoka Yamasaki Division COO, Living Essential Distribution Div.
Kotaro Tsukamoto Division COO, Steel Business Div.
Katsuya Nakanishi Regional CEO, Middle East & Central Asia
(Concurrently) General Manager, Business Division, Headquarters for the Middle East and Central Asia
Jun Nishizawa Division COO, Energy Resources Div. B
Tatsuo Nakamura General Manager, Strategy Planning Office, Automotive Business Div.
Osamu Takeuchi Division COO, Petrochemicals Div.
Kazunori Nishio Division COO, Retail Div.
Koji Kishimoto Division COO, Life Sciences Div.
Eisuke Shiozaki Chairman & Managing Director, Mitsubishi Corporation India Private Ltd.
(Concurrently) Deputy Regional CEO, Asia & Oceania (South Asia)
Yoshinori Katayama Division COO, New Energy & Power Generation Div.
Yoshifumi Hachiya General Manager, Corporate Accounting Dept.
Hisashi Ishimaki Division COO, Ship & Aerospace Div.
Takuya Kuga Division COO, Real Estate Business Div.
Yasumasa Kashiwagi Division COO, Fresh Food Products Div.
Hiroki Haba Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), SVP, Energy Business Group
Norio Saigusa President, Mitsubishi Company (Thailand) Ltd.
(Concurrently) President, Thai-MC Company Limited
(Concurrently) General Manager, Vientiane Liaison Office