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  1. The Company has paid special attention to ensure that the information included on this Website will be updated and accurate. However, the Company does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for the appropriateness and accuracy of the content of this Website unless specifically and expressly stated otherwise. Additionally, please approve of the fact that the content or URL of this Website may be changed, or suspended, or the operation thereof ceased, without prior notice. Regardless of reason, the Company does not assume responsibility for any damages arising from changes to the content of this Website or from suspension or cessation of the operation.
  2. In addition to the previous Clause, please note the disclaimer regarding investor information.

    disclaimer regarding investor information.

    This Website was created for the purpose of providing information that will help investors make informed decisions. It was not created to solicit investors to buy or sell Mitsubishi Corporation's stock. The final decision and responsibility for investments rests solely with the user of this Website and its content. Furthermore, opinions, forecasts and other content found on this Website are based on assumptions and beliefs of Mitsubishi Corporation at the time of preparation. Please also be aware that information on this Website may be changed, modified, added or removed at any time without prior notice. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information posted on this Website, Mitsubishi Corporation assumes no responsibility, whatsoever, for any damages resulting from the use of this Website or its content such as, but not limited to, that related to the use of erroneous information or the downloading of data.