Living Essentials

The Living Essentials Group offers products, materials and services related to daily life, including food, housing and clothing.
The Group's operation includes worldwide import, export and distribution of goods such as food products, food materials, industrial textiles, paper, electric devices, tires, rubber products and related materials. In addition, the operations of our subsidiaries and affiliated companies include a coffee bean processing operation and woodchip and paper coating material exports.

All of the Group's activities are well supported by our own communication network and global merchandising.

The Living Essentials Group's General Merchandise Department in Rio de Janeiro focuses on the paper and industrial minerals industries, and deals with a wide range of products, from industrial raw materials to products and consumer goods.

This gives the General Merchandise Department a unique knowledge of the specialties of each industry in which it participates. The Department has a special interest for the future in sectors such as forestry, packaging materials, industrial rubber products and consumer goods, as well as in making efforts to deepen the synergy with the Foods Department, which is based in São Paulo.

Major Products & Services


Living EssentialsGrains, Oil and Fats, Foodstuffs, Meat, Sweeteners, Starch, Marine Products, Canned Foods, Fresh and Frozen Foods, Beverage Materials, Dairy Products, Coffee Beans and Industrial Textiles

General Merchandise

Living EssentialsKaolin, Woodchips, Pulp, Paper Products, Packaging Materials, Industrial Minerals, Granite, Construction Materials and Industrial Rubber Products


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation