Metals and Raw Materials

The Metals and Raw Materials Group participates in a range of business activities related to a number of industries, including iron and steel, non-ferrous minerals and metals.

These activities extend from investments, such as in the development of natural resources, to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of metal products that are essential to major industries all over the world.

The Group's internationally experienced professionals are able to draw on our worldwide network to assist our customers. The Group’s two Divisions, Ferrous Raw Materials and Non Ferrous Metals, are based in the Rio de Janeiro office, where they export and import a wide-ranging portfolio of products.

Major Products & Services

Metals and Raw MaterialsRaw Materials for Steel, including such as Iron Ore, Ferro-alloys, Metallurgical and Thermal Coal, Non-Ferrous Minerals and Metals, Non-Ferrous Metal Products, Precision Metals, Bullion and Metal Futures, Specific Ores and other Raw Materials


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation