MC Coffee

MC Coffee do Brasil was founded in October 1995, as a result of a coffee operations spin-off from Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil S.A. in Brazil. Though MC Coffee do Brasil is a relatively new company, Mitsubishi Corporation has 30 years of experience in the coffee sector.

Headquartered in Santos City, where most  coffee exporters in Brazil are concentrated,  MC Coffee do Brasil owns a warehouse for crude coffee that is grain standardized. The warehouse is located in Varginha, the main coffee producing region of the state of Minas Gerais. The company has a production capacity of 250 thousand bags per year. In 2004, MC Coffee do Brasil had a target to expand its market, carrying out the project by building a silo for coffee standardization. This silo is fully automated and contains state-of-art equipment. This expansion increased capacity to 850 thousand bags per year. MC Coffee do Brasil has access to the best coffees in the state and purchases coffee from a variety of regions, including the Cerrado and Mogiana areas, thus ensuring the quality of our product. The company also has offices in the city of Patrocinio in the Cerrado area of Minas Gerais, a place that is famous for producing excellent quality coffee, comparable to the best Colombian and Central American coffees.

For MC Coffee do Brasil quality is the soul of its work. All exported coffee undergoes rigorous quality controls. As a result the company has created an impressive reputation not only as a trusted supplier to the international markets, but also as a buyer and seller of premium quality coffee.

Since the acquisition of a warehouse in 1996, exports have doubled. This has reinforced our active participation in the European market, which is known for its high standards. We are confident that we can meet your needs and requirement standards. MC Coffee do Brasil is always ready to serve you.


a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation