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Message From General Manager

Dear Customers and Partners,

Mitsubishi Corporation is Japan's largest general trading and investment company with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 90 countries worldwide. Together with its over 600 group companies, we employ a multinational workforce of over 65,000 people. We have long been engaged in business with customers around the world in virtually every industry, including energy, metals, machinery, clean energy, industrial finance, logistics & development, chemicals, food and general merchandise.

We provide optimal solutions for all stages of business - from development, procurement and production, to logistics and sales. Supporting the realization of these solutions, linking businesses and coordinating customer affiliations are all important functions of our company.

Here in Singapore, which is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia Pacific region and a gateway to the regional as well as international market, we have embraced bigger & important roles & functions having been evolved from a representative office almost 60 years ago.

A wide spectrum of our activities have grown in tandem with the rapid development of Singapore, we have been fortunate to have been a part of various infrastructure projects undertaken by the government or government-owned corporations, such as power generation plants, incineration plant and LRT lines.

Capitalizing on our extensive global network, we are also forging partnerships with government and Singapore-based companies to identify new business opportunities in Singapore and as well as emerging markets in the region, as both the government and private sector companies of Singapore increasingly take initiative to build their presence in overseas.

Singapore's importance as a location for MC also looks set to grow more significantly with the transfer of our Regional Headquarters for Asia Pacific from Jakarta to Singapore in Apr 2013. We have also seen increasing number of our subsidiary companies taking up a regional role, and becoming the hub of various businesses in Singapore. With the strengthening of our subsidiaries' networks and staff force, our Singapore Branch now has an even greater role to play in connecting and supporting our Asia Pacific Regional HQ as well as the 14 subsidiaries, and to contribute to MC's strategic business development in the region.

While we continue to expand our business here, we also strive to fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and have participated in various CSR activities in Singapore such as the "Plant-A-Tree" & Nature Keeper programmes with Singapore National Park, and sponsorship of audio equipment to Gardens by the Bay. This year we are also honored to adopt the Jaguar Cave at River Safari which is one of the latest attraction in Singapore, and Asia's first & only river-themed wildlife destination. In line with our Corporate Philosophy of "Corporate Responsibility to Society", our goal is to contribute to the continuous advancement of society while raising consolidated corporate value as a global business enterprise.

Our staff is always on the move, visiting customers and seeking new potential partners in Singapore and around the globe, in order to identify the needs of customers and to create new business opportunities.

In the years ahead, the force of rapid technological change and globalisation will bring new challenges for the economy. I, together with our staff look forward to taking on new challenges in the future with the continued support and blessings of our customers and business partners.

Mitsubishi Corporation,
Singapore Branch

General Manager